Post Covid Economy

The most important things in the human world are being brought to the forefront. Safety, Healthcare, Family, Education,Food, Shelter, Walks. I capitalize them all because we know now! We all know this and so all of the pretense and false motivations of the past have become less relevant. There are new opportunities in the new economy. The new Green Deal should be implemented pronto. To keep our world functioning in a healthy way - the actual Earth not the distorted and wrecked Earth, we need biodiversity and less pollution.

There are now economic opportunities in healthcare and supply creation, medical equipment. The domestic creation of these items should begin to be on most larger countries minds. Refridgeration opportunities, funeral home and cremation opportunities. Bartering and trading opportunities. Renewable energy opportunities, electric car opportunities. Farming opportunities, grinding wheat opportunities, greenhouse opportunites. Grain prices have recently gone up because of the huge draw and buy out of the basic staples - flour, salt, yeast, milk, eggs, and oats as well as other grains and dried legumes. Chicken will rise to greater heights and we will have trouble getting meat. Some things are in demand and other things are declining.

There will be a rise in people doing their own production of fresh vegetables. My greenhouse has produced so many seedlings now I will have a surplus of many veggies. I hopefully can trade or help other people by giving them some food when they are finished growing. So much is changing, so quickly. I don't know how long it will last but, I am happy for the lessening pollution, the family bonding, and the focus on what is most important. I hope everyone can reach out and come together to help one another. If you are in my area, I will do what I can to help you!

Love, Kiersten

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