Covid - 19 A New Way Forward

Being at home these past few weeks has made me feel caged, and as a result, it has slowed my life down. This slowing down has made me grateful. I am grateful for our essential services because for the public's health and for the safety of our elders we need to stay close to home and maintain social distancing. I am cooking and baking more and re-evaluating every day what is important. My children, my husband, my dog, our host daughter from Germany, all these people in my family have become even more in focus. We have had some really funny moments. The sillies have come upon us and we are seriously thinking about implementing the daily night howl.

What has been remarkable is the last many days is the appreciation I feel for the stores that have stayed open for us to be able to still get food, for in the beginning of the spread of the disease, I thought perhaps we would be completely shut down. So I bought flour, powdered milk, and yeast. I thought about where I could walk to get eggs. We were not among the people who stock piled toilet paper and we were running dangerously low. We began thinking about toilet paper alternatives, like in the old west using pages from books or newspapers, but we were seriously thinking of every bit of paper in the house and beginning to thing of cutting what little paper towel we have into small squares and splitting the two ply, we knew that would run out in short order too. We moved to the idea of using leaves - fantastic hand sized leaves of the thimbleberry, but alas it was out yet. As we hiked along on our daily walk we looked for and considered alternatives hmmm arbutus bark???

I have deep appreciation also for all the essential services that are running and I also have anger I feel for the health workers who do not have adequate supply of masks, scrubs, face shields or other important devices needed for this emergency. On day 3 we made our own hand sanitizer as we did not ever use it previously. I have appreciation also for the recycling trucks, compost collection and garbage collection people. I remember last summer when there were some cities with a strike for those workers and how disgusting it got out there.

I have appreciation for pharmacies and grocery stores and the workers in them. As well appreciation for the garden stores and Canadian tire and the stores that help us to fix our homes and keep ourselves busy. It is hard to believe that we are in this position, this is unprecedented in modern times. As I check the John Hopkins Coronavirus map and World o Meter and I see some countries doing better than others. I feel grateful that we practiced social distancing when we did, and also so very grateful for our medical system which is standing up to the test. We seem to so far have a decent protocol for protecting people and people are generally taking it seriously. Some countries don't seem to be as lucky, death tolls are high and transmission rates are climbing. We all need to help one another. The kids and I put the hearts cut out of old wraping paper scraps in our front window and I hope to add messages each day to send to the walkers going by to know that we care. Thank you to the people staying home, practicing social distancing and protecting all of society. Thank you to those who are quarantining because of travel. Thank you to the essential services; police, fire, ambulance, doctors, nurses, cleaning staff and all those who are able to get supplies for us! Truckers, shipment people! I am so interested in creating Canadian and local business now - especially for the items that are needed for survival in a pandemic and for the value toward farmers to rise!

Local, local, local! Buying local produce, valuing out local farmers that are here! We need to go forward after this pandemic in a way that doesn't pollute, so that we can have healthy ecosystems, and healthy people. We need to stop the exploitation of wild animals pangolins, bats, and even salmon! We need to pay attention to how much we harvest of animals, and plants. If we produce and release less carbon we will have less climate change, fewer forest fires, less water pollution, and fewer pandemics. Let's stay healthy everyone! A healthy earth means healthy people. We have done too much to the Earth. Let's get fixing. Innovating, and caring sustainably. We only have one planet that is habitable. These are the problems we need to work on for the survival of humans on the planet! Back to making bread! I'm going to be investing in sustainability, in healthcare, in education, knowledge building, practical skills, and renewable non polluting ways. Love to you all! Kiersten

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