Kids making Earth friendly dishwasher detergent and other Earth friendly products

In division 2 we try to make a positive impact on the Earth. To help our watershed students in our class made many household products to help reduce the amounts of pollutants that enter our waterways. Dishwasher detergent, shampoo, conditioner, weed spray.... This effort is multi-faceted - can we convince our families to be conscious about the products we use? It actually saves money and the kids enjoy making these products - all the while learning about measurement, getting along, following directions, talking with others about the ingredients, and hope to spread awareness within our families and friends by giving the detergents and other products we make as gifts - thus - spreading the word about and the awareness of the products we use.

#Earthfriendlyproducts #earthfriendlyshampoo #earthfriendlydishwasherdetergent #handsonlearning #savingmoneyandtheearth

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