Education - skills, philosophy, hands on, place based, nature based exploration


I'm a teacher and I work hard at it.  I  work hard to inspire and to motivate.  I try to include as many intelligences as possible to make learning as experiential and hands on as I can.  I have a few passions that I care deeply about; fairness, kindness, open-mindedness (Gellassenheit) . I support and practice postive, mindful education and feel I need to promote understanding about different religions and cultures to try to help create peace.  I feel strongly about educating the world and preventing bullying, sexism, and racism in countries as well as in our own smaller communities.  I feel strongly about the environment and sustainability we need to work together to make change happen.


Presently, I am interested in indicator species some of which include; lichen, bees, butterflies, otter, sea urchin, cougar, wolves, Marbelled Murrelet, Oregon spotted frog to name a few.  I want to learn more about mosses, fungi and mycorrhizome - the fungal net underlying old growth forests.


Our Earth provides our home, we need to stop being so destructive.  We need to pay attention to natural systems and ensure we have clean air, water and soil so that human health and balance can continue.  

Children are the barometer of our society.  We only need to ask teachers how society is doing, for we work with citizens' children every day.  

K. Brookes

"Be the change you want to see in this world" - Mohandas Ghandi


" The sooner we change our thinking as a society, the more quickly natural capitalism will  replace old-style captialism.  The shift in values is simple and profound; value the goods of nature, treat them as precious capital worth preserving.  Value beauty, durability and humanity over short - term profit.  Value the future, as well as the present." - Robert Bateman 





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